The Art of Honey Wine Making is born in blossoming meadows

Bees on Honey Comb

It continues in the beehives and then into the hands of our master honey wine maker. A carefully guarded recipe handed down through the generations ensures that Wamssler Honey Wine retains its unique signature - a well-balanced aromatic character founded on a unique yeast strain in fermentation and the masterful selection of choice honeys. The original fermentation process, unlike conventional technologies, promises consistent transformation

of the aromatic qualities and flavor of delicate ingredients into premium quality honey wine. The honey wine is fermented for almost eight weeks and then stored for maturation for at least another three months to form that distinctively unique character. This maturation period influences the quality of Wamssler Honey Wine - crystal clarity, a uniquely fresh bouquet and a harmonic and rich flavor with a tinge of spiciness.

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