The Art of Honey Wine Making is born in blossoming meadows

Bees on Honey Comb

It is continued in the beehives and perfected in the hands of our winemaker who produces honey wine. A carefully preserved recipe that has been passed down through generations provides the unique touch of Wamssler Honey Wine. This is characterized by an aromatically balanced character, which can be attributed to a unique yeast strain and an excellent selection of honeys for fermentation.

Unlike traditional techniques, the original slow fermentation process promises an even conversion of qualitative aromas and the taste of delicate ingredients - a honey wine of the best premium quality. To create this distinctive and unique character, the honey wine ferments slowly for almost eight weeks before being stored for at least three more months to mature. This maturation period influences the quality of Wamssler honey wine - crystal clear and with a uniquely fresh bouquet. It impresses with its balanced character and its rich taste is elegantly rounded off with a spicy nuance.

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