Wamssler Honey wine Secco Style Mitternacht's Gold

Mitternachts's Gold


A delicate sweet honey wine, rich in taste. Perfectly balanced backed by generations of wine making. Semi-sparkling with a vibrant yellow color. Wonderfully subtle with a long persistent finish. Perfect for celebrations. No added sugars, colors or flavorings.

Alcohol content: 11.5 % vol.
Volume: 750 ml


Weiss Gold

A delightful Secco honey wine. Sparkling light-bodied and crisp, this dry to semi dry honey wine is refreshing with a perfectly balanced sweetness. A true party in the mouth experience.

Alcohol content: 11.0 % vol.
Volume: 750 ml
Wamssler Secco Style Honey Wine Weiss Gold
Wamssler Secco Style Honey Wine Drachen Gold

Drachen Gold


Fermented Italian sour cherry honey wine. An intense fruity taste with a sour undertone. A semi sparkling wine made with carefully selected cherries makes this a complete delight. It is unique, balanced, extravagant and a perfect accompaniment to a celebration. No added sugars, colors or flavorings.

Alcohol content: 10.5 % vol.
Volume: 750 ml
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