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The elixir of youth, the drink of love—These are just some of the better-known ancient expressions of appreciation for a legendary beverage known as mead.
Traditionally known as an aphrodisiac, mead— otherwise known as honey wine—is the earliest form of alcoholic beverage known to man with the earliest archaeological evidence dating it to around 7,000BC. During the golden age of ancient Greece, mead was said to be the preferred drink, having even its contribution to the development of society discussed and documented by the great philosopher, Aristotle.

Mead was the historical beverage par excellence and commonly brewed by the Germanic tribes in Northern Europe. In the medieval ages, mead was an essential feature in the celebration of battles won and played an important role in beliefs and mythology. One such example, the Mead of Poetry, is a mead of Norse mythology which was fabled to turn the drinker into a poet or scholar—such is the legend of mead!

Rich in anti-oxidant properties and traditionally home-made, mead today is rare and good mead is rarer still until the Wamssler family brought the legend of the medieval age into the 21st century.